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We are a shareholder of a company founded in Greece and focusing to create and manage a data center ring comprising three Tier-3 Data Centers LEED-Silver with in-house Points-Of-Presence (POPs) strategically placed to create a communication backbone connected Data Center Ring.

Work with local technology stakeholders, experts, universities and community members to gain PR support and promote the investment as a point-of-pride for the Greek Economy and a research platform for new data center technologies that can be utilized to participate in further investments.

Data Center

We are in-depth knowledge of the Greek market conditions and its expertise in the operation of the Greek enterprise business and local idiosyncrasy are critical factors for the projects’ realization in the most cost and time effective way that will secure a dominant market position.

We aim to use the newest data center technologies that have already proven their efficiency to enhance our operations and add competitive advantages and high value to our facilities.

We aim to use our connections, knowledge and extensive experience in the operation of the Greek enterprise business to implement the project with a cost and time effective way and secure a dominant position in the market.

Market Overview

Market Overview

In general, data centers have been one of the fastest growing investment sectors of recent years. The covid-19 lockdowns across much of the developed world have further fueled the sector as home working and shopping, e-commerce, remote entertainment have all added to demand. Naturally, returns are also attractive.

The need for secure and reliable data storage has exploded, and is expected to continue to do so. Data-heavy devices will hit the market in increasing numbers over the coming years. In addition, internet data volumes are set to quadruple, driven by an increase in gaming, video and e-payments. As an indication, here below is the result of a recent EU study regarding the flow of data to cloud and edge data centers in 2020, 2025 and 2030.

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