About us

We’re a global consultancy.

Combining industry expertise & technical skills our team guides you down a successful path. We aim to provide the best quality product and services in a highly cost-effective manner to our clients, through a well-defined workflow and established communication system within the organization. We pursue excellence – in individuals, partnerships, and our overall performance. We do this through partnerships with global industry leaders, customers, employees, and communities. This network enables us to offer best-in-class services that support the success of individuals and businesses.

Today, Bellevue Consultants LTD continues to be a trusted service provider for well-known players in the industry. With its extensive expert knowledge, its closely-knit network of technology and finance partners, and its high bankability, the company also acts as a co-developer for several clients.

We as a company act to ensure our operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way, how we manage relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where we operate.

Call to ask any question +41 33 748 4090
Call to ask any question
+41 33 748 4090
Bellevue Consultants
Our Mission Project Acquisition Target Market

We deliver green power for a brighter tomorrow.

With integrity and expertise, we help to ensure that Utility Scale Solar will be the world’s biggest, cheapest and safest energy source in the near future.

Due to its technological competence in the field of EPC.

Our company is a highly attractive and respected partner for developers worldwide. While we have a strong focus on co-development partnerships, we are always interested in purchasing developed or semi-developed solar project rights anywhere in the world.

Bellevue Consultants has always been deeply connected to market trends and developments.

With the renaissance of European solar, our key focus is in established and emerging European markets. In parallel, we pursue opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and the US.

Our Quality Policy

The quality policy objective of Bellevue Consultants Ltd. is to provide the best quality Product and Services in a highly cost-effective manner to our clients, through a well-defined workflow and established communication system within the organization by ensuring compliance with codes of practice, standards, and regulatory requirements of the operating region. Bellevue Consultants Ltd has adopted the standards of ISO 9001:2008 for implementation across the group.

The activities of Bellevue Consultants Ltd management system are closely related to:

A commitment to achieve the objective and continuous improvement at all levels of the company is focused on effective communication system, both internally and externally to ensure the timely distribution of accurate information as and when required. Also, to develop new technological know-how for improvement of equipment’s and operation methods, to achieve the optimization of products and services.